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  Bring Your Innovation to the World




    -  Entrepreneurial Network Strategy
    • Minimizes upfront costs and expenditures
    • Identifies applications with future potential
    -  Cross-Industry Insight
    • Focuses activities on targeted business segments 
    -  Set Goals for Strategic Sales
    • Customer requirements
    • Strategies to encourage new business partnerships, development and product lines
    Industrial Cooperation/Offset:
    • The foundation for our unnique projects 
    • Provides opportunity for a fast timeline to market

























    P.O.Box 113380, STAMFORD, CT 06911 USA






Axcess Technology is a Stamford, Connecticut-based

 business development company with 

35-years' experience in bridging companies and their products to new industries and markets.

Both small and larger - established companies have benefited and profited from our experience with  new technology and dynamic marketplaces.



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TEL 203 724 9826